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4. Mai [Hinweis: Das Tool funktioniert nicht mit aktuellen Mac-Pro-Varianten. Nähere Angaben dazu hier.] ZDNet Clock ist ein Overclocking-Tool für.

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Our pals over at ZDNet Germany have released an overclocking tool for the Mac Pro and Xserve that raises the speed of the processor, front side bus and memory – all without opening the case. Although tons of overclocking tools are available for Windows, up until now, little if. Using the ZDNet Clock tool Mac Pro and Xserve owners (and those only) can boost the processor, front side bus, and memory frequency. Mac OS X only: Freeware application ZDNet Clock overclocks your Mac Pro's processor for faster performance. As the name suggests, the.

Well, they claim you can OC a GHz mac pro to GHz safely using this utility. ZDNet Clock is fundamentally "reboot-proof". But there are a. How to start ZDNet Clock under OS X Lion to overclock a Mac Pro. It can be done !. ZDNet says that an overclocked GHz Mac Pro will out perform a stock GHz model, thus saving you $ (ZDNet Clock is freeware).

My girlfriend found this, isn't she awesome? A Clockgen-like util for the latest Mac Pros. Apparently it can take the Ghz Mac Pros to

ZDNet Germany has released a software-based overclocker for Mac Pro and Xserve systems, allowing for free performance gains for MacOS. ZDNet's come up with a software-based app to overclock processors on the Intel and chipsets, which (as of right now) is the Mac Pro. However, ZDNet's German site has developed a utility, ZDNet Clock, to change all that. Using the tool, ZDNet says, a Mac Pro using a GHz.

ZDNet Clock is a new software tool that can overclock your Mac Pro or Intel- . The Mac Pro from (MacPro3,1) is still a fairly relevant machine in the after "ZDNet Clock " was released it was never touched again. The German edition of ZDNet has posted a utility dubbed ZDNet Clock Tool that allows owners of the Intel-based Mac workstations to push the.

[IMG] Exclusive: ZDNet overclocking tool enhances performance of Mac Pro Whereas there are a lot of tools available for overclocking in. However, our colleagues from the German version of ZDNet have come up with a handy tool to overclock a Mac with Mac OS X Leopard that. division of ZDNet has released an overclocking tool for Mac Pro and Overclocking is the process of artificially increasing the clock speed of.

A MAC PRO YOU MUST USE A TOOL NAMED ZDNET OVERCLOCK or course it isn't a real clock, yours is maybe like or something. Super easy. Enjoy! Exclusive: ZDNet overclocking tool enhances performance of Mac Pro - Seite 1 von 5 - Mac | Tests & Technik | "ZDNet overclocking tool enhances performance of Mac Pro" () Mac Pro runs with the oc-frequency and mac os synchronizes its clock to.

ZDNet team was able to overclock Mac Pro which sports two Intel Xeon X processors clocking at Ghz to GHz and Mac Pro

Of course, the above mentioned zdnet overclocking utility (for mac pro) would not work for osx86 machine. Is there any other way it could be.

ZDNet Germany reports: So the bus clock speed is in principle not a. Overclock Mac Pros with ZDNet Clock software tool. Share. overclockingapple2. jpg In the fight for superiority, PC users trumpet the power to. Earlier today, released a tool that looks very promising in this regard. According to their website, the tool can currently overclock Mac.

You want to increase the power of your Mac? At very low cost? You want to increase by 20% to 30% the speed of your applications without.

ZDNet uses three Mac Pros as test machines. ZDNet Clock does not use any voltage increase for the CPU, the front-side bus (FSB) or the.

The ZDNet Clock tool for Mac Pro raises the frequency of the For example, the cheapest Mac Pro in the current series with a GHz. has just offered an overclock application for Mac Pro. It is called the ZDNet Clock Tool ZDNet claims, "The. The utility, which is called ZDNet Clock Tool, allows Mac Pro and Xserver users to push their processors up from GHz to GHz on some.

Pricing has yet to be announced on the new Mac Pro, but I tend to .. Does anyone know if you can still OverClock the CPU? This tool is a bit old now: ZDNet has release a software overclocker for the Mac, called simply ZDNet Clock . ZDNet overclocking tool enhances performance of Mac Pro. Using my old octo, I just tried the ZDnet Overclock tool. Mac Pro G 8 core ,16G ram, GB SSD, 2x2TB HD.s 3TB HD, Extn Backup.

Earlier today, released a tool that looks very promising in According to their website, the tool can currently overclock Mac Pros and.

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