Very Still & Hard To See: Magnet

30 Jul - 3 min - Uploaded by guardianwitness Steve Yockey's macabre and darkly humorous mix of Japanese folk horror and American.

18 Nov - 1 min - Uploaded by SantaFeUniversity Greer Garson Theatre Company Presents: Written by Steve Yockey Directed by Gail Springer. Very Still & Hard to See [Steve Yockey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This second collection of short plays from Steve Yockey mixes. Steve Yockey's new play "Very Still and Hard to See" is an eerie excursion into the surreal and the supernatural, combining elements from.

“Very Still & Hard to See is an immersive carousel of horrors that will have you checking the locks and looking under the bed.” — DC Theatre.

The second half of the collection is comprised of the work very still & hard to see. This short play cycle recounts the history of a cursed hotel and the unfortunate.

This second collection of short plays from Steve Yockey mixes comedic absurdity with raw heartbreak to unearth worlds populated by desperate people, mythical. Steve Yockey's Very Still and Hard to See is a cycle of short plays dealing with the uncanny. In the first vignette, a big-time architect. Should you choose to go, playwright Steve Yockey will take you there in the world premiere of Very Still and Hard to See, a cluster of.

very still & hard to see (a short play cycle). Steve Yockey; Collection / Anthology, Dramatic Comedy, Contemporary; 4M, 5F; ISBN: A collection.

Description: Exit 63 is holding auditions for our first show "very still and hard to see" by Steve Yockey, directed by Connor Baty, assisted by.

very still and hard to see- Gorilla Tango Theatre- This short play cycle recounts the history of a cursed hotel and the unfortunate guests who stay there.

There is nothing very hard to see about the fabulous creepiness of the production , Very Still & Hard to See, written by Steve Yockey and now. HEADSHOTS · @NIGHT · VERY STILL AND HARD TO SEE · THE AGES OF MAN HEADSHOTS · @NIGHT · VERY STILL AND HARD TO SEE · THE AGES OF. In “Very Still & Hard to See,” Rorschach Theatre's inventive staging brings a ghostly tale to life.

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