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Neil Breen in Double Down () Brennan Elliott and Greg Hovanessian in Double Down . Internet series in which host and creator Adam critiques a movie . Neil Breen (November 23, ) is an American independent film director, actor and architect. His first feature film, Double Down, was notably featured on RedLetterMedia's Best Of The Worst online series. Since then, his films have been. PASS THRU,My 4th feature film as writer,director, prod. avail. . @NeilBreen Will you be able to sell Double Down and I Am Here Now at any point in the future.

Neil Breen's "Double Down" is truly a movie that leaves more questions unanswered than answers given. The story of Aaron Brand, a rogue agent who can. Neil Breen in Double Down. Don't push it or I'll give you a film you won't believe. Watching Double Down is not without health risks. Double Down used to be on YouTube in good quality before Neil flagged it, has "Neil Breen is an American film actor, director and writer.

Movie Info. Distraught by the murder of his girlfriend, tech spy genius Aaron Brand (Neil Breen, who also wrote and directed) is hired by an evil.

· @NeilBreen: Twitter · [email protected] (scroll down for reviews) You Won't Easily Forget This Genre Bending Film.”.

An edgy action thriller set in Las Vegas during a terrorist attack. A genius computer loner takes control of the city and the attack as he fights with his fits of.

I have, for some time now, held the suspicion that Neil Breen might be the most interesting filmmaker alive. With his new film Twisted Pair. To be more accurate, Neil Francis Breen (born November 23, ), works as a editor / composer / caterer, he's directed Double Down (), I Am Here. The incompetence of his films, from acting to production value, takes on new levels. Breen, always the star, is often the only one who holds the key to the truth and the salvation of the world. In his debut film, Double Down ().

Double Down. Directed by: Neil Breen. Starring: Neil Breen. Genres: Psychological Thriller. Rated the # best film of

In Double Down, Neil Breen stars as a Aaron Brand, a former military pilot who has become some kind of eco terrorist. He's also been awarded. Due to popular demand Neil Breen is offering his past 3 feature films for sale on Neil Breen wrote, directed and produced them all. DOUBLE DOWN, Online Relevance. On December 3, , Red Letter Media uploaded a video as part of their Best of the Worst series discussing Neil Breen's film Double Down.

Fatal Future director Michael Keane was so inspired by Neil Breen's inexplicable low-budget films since his debut Double Down, and.

Neil Breen is a writer-director, actor, producer, cinematographer, editor, caterer, but most of all, an artist. He has made four films: Double Down. “He's the man that turned me on to Neil Breen back with his first movie, Double Down,” says Evan Husney, creative director for Drafthouse Films. DOUBLE DOWN. Wednesday (, DVD, 93m) dir Neil Breen. An edgy action Image for Trylon Film Series “TRASH FILM DEBAUCHERY” · From head.

DOUBLE DOWN () – Neil Breen starred, wrote and directed this movie – and quite obviously he or an associate even wrote the IMDb.

Please Riff Double Down or any Neil Breen Movie. Please riff "Double Down" by Neil Breen ?v=GQ44FLJA4Js. Some entity (Neil Breen) upset with the world needs to cleanse it via Here is the first movie (Double Down) and last movie (Twisted Pair). Double Down (). In the words of Neil Breen: "Where are you?!" Alexandra Michalski. Neil Breen's first feature film is best watched when your so drunk the.

Visionary revolutionary film where Artificial Intelligence Cleanses earth of all harmful | Check out Neil Breen DOUBLE DOWN was really my first feature film. This Pin was discovered by Avocado At Law. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Breen's first four films Double Down, I Am Here Now.

Drew and Travis run screaming into the deserts of Neil Breen's Double Down. That's right — it's another movie from the guy who made Fateful.

- Drew and Travis run screaming into the deserts of Neil Breen's Double Down. That's right — it's another movie from the guy who. Why is it so fucking impossible to find Neil Breen's films for download? I managed to find a Fateful Findings torrent, and Double Down is on. Neil Breen's films are failures on every single level: he writes, directs, Released in , Double Down stars Neil Breen as a CIA-linked super hacker who has.

Fateful Findings has been described both as “the worst movie ever made” and . In Double Down, Breen plays another computer expert, Aaron.

Breen's first four films Double Down, I Am Here Now, Fateful Findings and Pass Thru won him fans all over the world, and we are proud to be. schlock action movie by Las Vegas filmmaking nightmare Neil Breen, what they get is Neil Breen's TREE OF LIFE! (aka DOUBLE DOWN) If you like hacking, . Double Down (), An Almond Black Movie Review: Breenman Begins Take a Drink: whenever Neil Breen explains his skills/talents.

Looking for DOUBLE DOWN. TV Formats: DVD (1). Bobby Breen Double Feature: Hawaii Calls/Way Down South; Available Movie & TV Formats: DVD (1).

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