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anyone anwsering my question i found it out my self just trying some random stuff. Disconnect your iPad, iPhone or iPod and close iTunes. I found this article and it worked: Back-Up-button-is-gr eyed-out-in-iTunes. I have a new laptop, I installed iTunes and though I can access photos via Trying File -> Devices -> Sync doesn't work, Sync is greyed out.

There are top ways on how to fix iTunes “Back Up Now” greyed out on Option 1 : Backup iPhone with iCloud when iTunes “Back Up Now”.

Hi there, I'm trying to download itunes onto my laptop and the Free doenload button on the store page for itunes is greyed out. Please help?. However, when I go to the iTunes page in the Microsoft Store, the "Free" button is grayed out. Above the review section, below the app's. Description: After running iMazing the "Back Up" button is greyed out in iTunes. It is not possible anymore to launch a backup in iTunes.

Anyone run into this or know how to fix? I see a bunch of reviews in the microsoft store saying the same thing. Is there a place I can download.

However - the checkbox option mentioned in the above, is greyed out for me. I cannot deselect it. So if I try and add music; I get a message that I. That Subscribe button is only active for podcasts already in the podcast playlist that you haven't subscribed to. When you choose a podcast in. But when I wanted to press the sync button it was greyed out and not possible to press.:suicide: ps: sorry for the bad English and the Dutch version of Itunes.

It's very frustrating when you find some iTunes songs greyed out and you don't Click on this option, and you will be able to play your song. iTunes from CDs and if we go into the music library through the app the tracks on th various albums are not greyed out, only in the playlist. The cloud button on the right side would suggest you Add Artwork Grayed Out in iTunes, how-To Fix.

In Spotify some songs are greyed out, some are not. 2 - Remove all imported iTunes playlists and then you can choose to use the option in.

Stephane - looks like an Apple bug. See - "Submit" for review button grayed out - Xcode 6 And the answer by Chad Jones. Worked for me. Hi, I wanted to burn a playlist from my ipod on to a disc. However, that option is greyed out. I don't understand why. The other thing t. I tried to get itunes to back up to an external drive by creating a the link fine but then on opening itunes i found the backup button greyed out.

I'm trying to do a manuel back up on my IP5 iOS but the back up now button is greyed out. Any ideas on what to do? I've tried going to.

When the iTunes Backup Greyed Out problem creeps up, it prevents you Press and hold wake/sleep button and home button together and at.

If syncing fails, the Sync button is greyed out and not available at all, or if you try to sync and nothing transfers over to the iPhone, iPod, or iPad. If you want to fix the problem about iCloud backup option grayed out, it is necessary to Before running iTunes backup to backup iOS device, you should pay. If the GET button in the App Store is greyed out or disabled when trying to download the Stan app, you may have restrictions set in your device that is blocking it.

Why Is App Store Button Grayed Out or Dim On My iPhone / iPad? iPhone, iPad, iPod touch because the download button/link is grayed out or dim, I still have the problem on itunes for windows there aare no restrictions.

Many songs are grayed out on the computer. I totally deleted every file I could find for Apple. Then I redownloaded iTunes. Still the same.

Download and Install grayed out on your iPhone or iPad? Fix it and get You tap the Download and Install option and nothing happens. You look . Step 4: Launch iTunes, select your iOS device, and then click Summary.

I can not manage to export playlists via the following two methods: 1 - select a playlist and then choosing the "export.

Did your Wi-Fi option gray out after upgrading your iPhone? You can upgrade your iPhone from the phone itself or use iTunes to download. In this article, I'm going to show you what to do when the App Store 'get' or download button is missing and not working on your iPhone or iPad. If you experience the problem of iTunes songs greyed out and found o. explore a few option to help you resolve the problem of your iTunes songs grayed out.

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